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  • Founded 2007

Company Description

Tradition remains at the heart of the culture of UPP.

Despite being a true Emirati company, UPP has a largely multicultural and cosmopolitan team. This renders a diverse and vibrant culture within the company.

Our people are our most valued assets and a source of our identity.

We have an adherence to the principles and values on which, for many years, our clients have relied. But UPP is known also for its position at the cutting edge of modern technology. Over the years, we have seen our investment in our infrastructure grow exponentially and revenue multiply many folds.

Our journey has just started …


Our vision is to be an industry leader by:

  • Earning the trust of our customers and employees with a culture of continuous improvement
  • Striving to attain global quality standards in all systems and processes that will add value to our Clients
  • Provide sustainable and environmental products underlining our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)