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The changing climatic conditions and the harmful pollutants are posing a threat to human skin cells and even our hair. It leads to early damage of hair and causes premature whitening. There are a large number of companies coming up to cover up the disasters caused by these toxins, but mind you rather than intoxicating the hair, these hair color dealers use chemicals that damage the hair further. But do not worry, PRIIS Trading Company, based in Kochi, is a natural herbal hair dye suppliers with years of experience in manufacturing beauty products that are economical and effective. Our hair products contain no harmful chemicals and also has natural extracts that give your hair a newer, shiny and beautiful feel like never before. We are the only manufacturer, distributor & Exporter of PRiiS BSY Noni Black Hair Magic products in the globe.


We are gaining popularity as the first ever organic hair products manufacturer & supplier in India supplying products that aid hair color transformation into natural black with no traces of toxins that can harm the hair. PRiiS BSY Noni Black Hair Magic is the first product we introduced in Indian market. It’s been an honour for us to be sole manufacturer of PRiiS BSY Noni based products in the world. PRiiS Trading Company is well known for the best use of technology and obviously the world renowned plant Morinda Citrifolia – Noni. Defined as ‘the world’s best secret’, this natural ingredient is rightly exploited by  PRiiS Trading Company to make PRiiS BSY Noni Black Hair Magic this brilliant. PRiiS BSY Noni Black Hair Magic produced with US technology is very popular in 28 countries so far. Trust us and we will give you the best!