Prajwal Group

Company Overview

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  • Founded 2006

Company Description

Established in 2006 Prajwal Healthcare Group one of the pioneers in the field of Surgical, Durable Medical Equipment, Rehabilitation, Home Healthcare Solutions and Services. We are importers, C&F and super-stockist for various Global Brands and our Central Warehouse is in Bangalore.


As Prajwal Group our continuing mission is working with the Hospitals and Healthcare ecosystem and make available best and widest range of hospital and home healthcare products accessible for our customers.


We challenge ourselves in consistently elevating our standard in offering the best quality, most innovative and cost-effective products and solutions. We are committed to world-class customer service, technical and post-sales service, AMC and human friendly approach.


Product Portfolio:

  • Medical supplies, disposables and Hospital Infrastructure & Furniture.
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Assisted Daily Living Aids for Seniors
  • Fall and Injury Prevention Aids
  • Specialized Mobility Aids
  • Orthopedic Supports and Orthosis …
  • Chronic Care Supplies and consumables
  • Physically Challenged and Special Need Children Products
  • Mother and Baby Care
  • Diabetes Management Related products
  • Nutrition and Supplements
  • Pain Management Products
  • Respiratory Care Products
  • Incontinence
  • Life Style Products


Our Strategy

We are committed to providing access to best health and home care products, and provide them an experience of most updated and sophisticated products and prosthetics at our Healthcare and Rehab Concept Chain-Store.


With over 70 years of our management experience in the domain, strong alliance with leading manufacturers, with a deep understanding and access to global market, latest and sophisticated product range sets us apart to meet the specific requirements of our clients in most effective and efficient manner.


Our core strength is experienced and qualified team which works on research, patient cases, sourcing, clinically testing and certifying more than 7000 product ranges before it hits the shelf.


From our deep experience in the domain, we focus on providing best solutions to various home healthcare conditions, our experience centre and online store widens our outreach to global market.



To inspire hope, by providing access to a quality life led with dignity.



External: To ensure our customers lead a quality life, by making available the best products, solutions, and service. To enhance the value of all stakeholders by providing innovative and cost-effective products, services, and solutions.


Internal: To create a conducive work environment that enables and inspires our employees to do their best work.


Brand Values

Compassion: Genuine concern and care for our customers drives the products, services, and solutions that we offer. Considering that our customers come from diverse backgrounds, we aim to provide solutions that can fit their budget.



  • Our commitment to our customers ensures that until we provide them with solutions that are truly beneficial, we won’t be satisfied.
  • We stand by our promise, and take responsibility for our actions.
  • We are constantly working to raise the bar of quality and service that we provide.



  • A deep respect for our stakeholders ensures that we offer products and services that actually improve the lives of our customers, that we create a conducive working environment for our employees, and that we employ honest and fair practices.



  • We value creativity as it helps us to be futuristic, imaginative, and insightful.
  • It enables us to come out with products, services, and experiences that offer the best solutions to our customers.