NOTO – Healthy Ice Creams – Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to tuck into sweets and ice creams everyday? All too often we feel like if we’ve had a bite of the dessert we might as well have it all – because why not?!?
But there’s that guilty feeling that creeps in – the one that makes us go on an extreme sugar fast or crash diet followed by vows to hit the gym every day!


That’s why we have NOTO: a healthy, low-calorie ice cream.
It’s a good-for-you ice cream that you can binge on, guilt free… and not just on cheat days

EACH tub has only 75-95 calories, 3 gms of fat, 75% less sugar than regular ice creams, twice as much protein than regular ice creams, and a healthy helping of prebiotic fibers that are good for your gut!! (compared to traditional ice cream).

We LOVE food – especially all things Dessert!! So much so that we would like to eat it everyday!

In 2018, we were on a fitness journey – which meant not giving in to those sugar cravings. THIS WAS HARD! Unfortunately there was no alternative – the only options available were full of sugar and high on calories.

That’s when the idea of a healthy dessert came up.

NOTO was born with the aim to revolutionize the way people consume ice creams and sweets. It’s a low-calorie dessert that makes zero sacrifices on taste and creaminess and actually tastes like ice cream.

In short we want don’t want you guys to break up with desserts & sugar and go on crash diets!

Have NOTO, indulge all you want – because it’s guilt free!!!

Armed with a degree in Culinary Arts from New York, Varun is the man behind Pizza Kitchen and Gourmet Catering by 1Tablespoon. Ashni, on the other hand, is a communications major from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and design alumni from Istituto Marangoni, Milan.