NAQ Global: Filter Aid Powder Manufacturers and Suppliers

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  • Founded 1991

Company Description

NAQ GLOBAL COMPANIES is a Multinational Organization led by visionary Mr. Avdhesh Mathur, an expert in the field with an experience of more than 20 years in this field of serving fertilizer industry. NAQ GLOBAL provides specialized products & expert technical services for fertilizer quality improvement.

NAQ GLOBAL has four plants. The first plant was commissioned in Porto Alegre (Brazil)  With immediate acceptance of its GREEN PRODUCTS by Fertilizer Manufacturing Giants, to increase the production capacity, second plant was established in 2009 in Uberaba (Brazil).  To provide these latest generation products to fertilizer plants in Indian Subcontinent & Middle East, third manufacturing unit was established in 2011 near Mumbai (India).  With further increase in acceptability of these wonder products manufactured by NAQ GLOBAL, a still high capacity plant is commissioned in 2014 in Delta (Brazil).

NAQ GLOBAL has steadily and rapidly, become one of the world’s most successful companies in the fertilizer quality improvement industry. NAQ GLOBAL is committed to stand with Fertilizer Industry in its commitment to FEED THE WORLD.  It has its motto of providing only the best quality FQI Products to the ever-expanding fertilizer industry of the world.