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We, at Leaap, laud the business acumen and accomplishments of the dabbawalas as indispensable foot soldiers to Mumbai’s large working population. Precisely the kind of role we aim at honoring: delivering our promises with enviable accuracy on a broader canvass, day after day, to our customers in international trade and commerce.

The Dabbawalas of Mumbai are the epitome of rustic human ingenuity. Their out of the box solutions in delivering lunch boxes, braving Mumbai’s heat, humidity and peak-hour traffic have earned them a 6 Sigma performance rating, denoting a near perfect percentage of 99.999999!

Leaap promises to provide a logistic solution of any kind on any terrain and at any time, with complete Customer Satisfaction guaranteed, backed by an unconditional money back offer on services in the unlikely event of any shortfall.

In the frenetic pace of moving cargo across the world, when we occasionally pause at a wayside, at ports, at customs or at giant freight stations, we often fancy ourselves as foot soldiers to the global trade, mirroring that enduring enterprise on a broader canvass, facilitating free flow of goods across difficult terrains and time zones, in all-weather conditions, with clockwork precision in a seemingly borderless world.