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  • Founded 2004

Company Description

Hello! We’re Antony and Richard Joseph, twin brothers and designer-makers with a passion for invention. When we designed our first product together in 2003, we knew we were at the start of an exciting journey. That simple, glass chopping board was inherently useful and its practicality immediately appealed to us. So we decided early on that functionality would always be at the heart of everything we did. We began Joseph Joseph with the aim of revolutionising tasks in the home and making the everyday more efficient.

Whenever we create a product, we always start by identifying an everyday problem, before setting about solving it with intelligent design thinking. We always look beyond the obvious for inspiration and are passionate about devising original solutions that work beautifully and are long lasting. Whether it involves preparing a meal, organising the kitchen, doing the laundry or dealing with waste, we always look for clever ways to make tasks like these easier.