Gynoveda Femtech Pvt Ltd

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Company Description

Women experience on an average 400 menstrual cycles and 2 pregnancies during her lifespan and they are born to have healthy periods, lifelong…!

But they’re told that period abnormalities like pain, irregular period cycles & flow are necessary evils in life. Universally, dominant advice is to grin and bear the pain.

Over 600 million women, globally silently suffer from menstrual disorders like PCOS, irregular periods, PMS, painful periods, abnormal white discharge yet they dread visiting a gynaecologist for 3 major reasons:

  • Fear of physical examination, surgery
  • Lack of access to the right gynecologist
  • Social prejudices and anxiety of being judged

Gynoveda started in 2018 with a vision to combine Ayurveda, Content & Technology as a safe selfcare solution that enables women to experience healthy periods, lifelong!

Women are blessed to have menstruation. It acts as a health dashboard for women and period abnormalities are a mere outward sign of deep seated internal disorder” says Rachana Gupta, CoFounder of Gynoveda and author of the book Happiness Ki Khoj.

Founders’ Mission

Husband-wife duo Rachana & Vishal Gupta quit their high-paying corporate jobs to pursue their passion and partnered with a dream to make Ayurveda the world’s #1 choice for menstrual healthcare & wellness.