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  • 2016 - 2019
    Agro Commodities Logistics & Packers DWC LLC Dubai (ETG Group of Companies )

    Warehouse Operations Manager and Purchasing Manager

    *Warehouse Operation\'s Manager* ⚫ Responsibility for ware house operations, Logistics and Administration. ⚫ Responsible for the timely maintenance and well-being of the warehouse. ⚫ Arranging Daily Meeting and planning of the day work. ⚫ Follows and manages DWC Freezone site and rules for all operations and administration purposes. ⚫ Supervise the day to day activities of the Warehouse and Plant consisting of 50 employees, including supervisors, warehouse assistants, operators, cleaners, security and drivers ⚫ Supervised warehouse premises and its cleanliness daily. ⚫ Handling a warehouse of 100k Sq.ft , daily shifting 60mt cargo from production and importing cargo as well, loading daily 200mt (+/-) cargo for Exporting, local andGCC. ⚫ Manage people, processes, and systems toensure that goods are received and shipped appropriately. ⚫ Ensure HACCP and ISO standard are take care maintained.Mitigate warehousing activities by establishing and implementing employee training on safety and security protocols.Ensure the health and safety of the workplace. ⚫ Schedule daily workloads for cargo loading, offloading, and other warehouse activities, Cargo movement, cargo storing.Planning and location of upcoming goods. ⚫ Oversee the transfer of raw materials from the warehouse to the plant and its processing and production. ⚫ Adjust offloading schedules of imported goods by liaising with shipping lines in accordance with port rules. ⚫ Manage stock control: GRN and GDN, timely delivery of goods, Export, Loading & Transfer document recording and Inventory Management. ⚫ Maintains and updates stocks, Stocks reconciling and ensure updating the bin cards daily • The stock report should be updated daily and at the end of the month confirm with the report team and production team. The stock should be matched in the year-endaudit. ⚫ Manage Stock Report for Empty bags . ⚫ Responsible for all annual auditors - Stock Auditing, FSMS ISO 22000: 2005, DAC,internal audits and external audits, HSE-DWC and Dubai Municipality. ⚫ Responsible for ensuring warehouse temperature. ⚫ Responsible for Fumigation in warehouse and Premises timely. ⚫ Responsible for Quality Report for Daily Production, Imports, Exports Cargo and reporting to Product Manager. ⚫ Responsible for organizing contract workforce on need basis. ⚫ Responsible for renewing all yearly certifications - from DWC-OFC, calibration for weighing machines, compressor, vehicle passing. ⚫ Managing Cost Control, Handling Petty cash, Waste Control\'s, Scrap. ⚫ Ensure DWC Freezone gate passes Timely arranged and clear in customs. Purchasing Manager ⚫ Identify and on-board new suppliers and vendors. ⚫ Liaising with Engineering Team, Factory Operations team and Admin team for all activities relating to the Purchase. ⚫ Organize monthly meeting to evaluate and study the above team requirements. ⚫ Report to the Factory Manager and Product Manager on a weekly and Monthly basis regarding purchased and expenses. ⚫ Managing the Stock Book, Checklist and Purchasing cycle on Weekly and Monthly. ⚫ Key Responsible for Purchasing items: - Factory Production Suppliers, Office Suppliers, Factory Safety gears, Spare Parts. ⚫ Ensure All purchases are Budget Complied and Cost Efficient. ⚫ Ensuring all purchases request as per Approved SOP. ⚫ Preparing reports on market conditions and trading costs. ⚫ Interview vendors to inspect products, services and policies and visit distribution plants and distribution centers.

  • 2014 - 2016
    Agro Commodities Logistics & Packers DWC LLC Dubai (ETG Group of Companies )

    Assistant Manager - Warehouse Operations

    Also use to Assist Purchase Manager. ⚫ Ensuring Stock Room is Functioning efficiently, thoroughly and properly maintained. Organize storage for the purchased equipment and supplies. ⚫ Update staff attendance daily and send staff over time with monthly attendance. ⚫ Check that all workers are informed and schedule daily work. ⚫ Daily warehousing environment and its cleanliness are monitored daily and warehouses are cleaned every 2 hours when dirty. ⚫ Check that all firefighting rooms and equipment are working properly and that staff are wearing safety equipment. ⚫ Make the gate pass for cargo entry and exit. ⚫ Keep a record of weight of the cargo when Cargo entry and Exit. ⚫ Store cargo in designated warehouse; Maintain the length and height of the stacks in accordance with free zone rules. ⚫ Plan for the next day\'s schedule and arrange the manpower accordingly. ⚫ Arrange space for incoming cargo and use as much cargo as possible to store inthe warehouse. Allow space for daily production goods. ⚫ Keep a record of daily cargo details in and out. ⚫ Inspect and make report for Export Stuffing Cargo. ⚫ Always supervise that all workers are doing well. ⚫ Comply with DWC Free zone Rules, ISO Rules and FIFO. ⚫ If cargo stored in pallets maintain proper position and height. Empty pallets should be arranged in the designated area. ⚫ Check the DWC Free zone website daily for daily pass updates and visa quotas. Applyand renew visa in accordance with DWC rules. ⚫ Be active in administration tasks daily. Keep updates and report to Warehouse Manager ⚫ Sending Monthly and Weekly Reports and Attend Weekly and Daily Meeting.

  • 2011 - 2013
    Al Yamama Fire Fighting Equipment\'s L.L.C

    Purchasing Officer and Admin Manager

    Maintain good relationships with all vendors. ⚫ Order items needed for current projects, new installations, repairs, and future needs. All items must be approved by the Civil Defense. ⚫ Take quotes from different vendors before ordering. Select a vendor according to cost, delivery time, quality and payment terms. ⚫ The quotation will be sent to the customer once along with the price and we will send the LPO to the vendors after the customer receives it. ⚫ Ordering Stationery items, office requirements, All spare parts,Tools,Safety Equipment\'s. ⚫ Always follow quotes sent to users for authorization. Acquire new projects. ⚫ Daily review of warehouse stock and equipment. ⚫ Monitor daily work and plan, and arrange workers and schedule site for the next day. ⚫ Monitoring Service reports, Complaints reports and sending to customers. Discuss with customers for quote approval. ⚫ Arrange Dubai Civil Defense inspection for complex work completion site, complaint sites and contract renewal sites. ⚫ Check out new sites, new projects and existing contracts. ⚫ Applying for technician licenses. ⚫ Follow up with customers for payments and cheque. ⚫ Always cross check with L.P.O and delivery receipt. All documents must be filed. ⚫ Control expenses and accounts. ⚫ Prepare salaries and OT’s for the employees and deposit in the bank. FNF prepares and pays. ⚫ Apply for renewal and cancellation of Staff visa processes. ⚫ Create an annual maintenance contract in accordance with civil defense rules and regulations


My expertise lies in successfully overseeing materials management, shipping and receiving, and logistical coordination while collaborating with multicultural, diverse staff to maximize productivity, efficiency, and overall performance. Through my experience, I have become adept in ensuring adherence to organizational goals and requirements while facilitating streamlined warehousing operations.